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Wendy on butterfly beauty
Beautiful shot and hello from a fellow Cantabrian!


Jules on Tui in the tree tops
the famous Tui - we often heard their beautiful song and unique vocal range. I really wish we had them in the UK.

Jules on Punakiki
Punakaiki and the Pancake Rocks was one of the highlights from my time in NZ, and I instantly recognised it from your ...

Aubélia on Mums Clematis II

my warmest wishes for a happy new year

Katalog Stron on Macro
great picture,exellent compo,bravo

katalog firm on Macro
exellent shot,great colours and details

Sharat on on left over sunrise
cool evening..!!

Kate on around Christchurch Hospital III
Such beautiful light!

Kathryn on Macro
Hey Debbie! Is everything is ok? I will be thinking of you guys!

Ronnie 2¢ on Macro
Yes, we are thinking of you and yours and the troubles around you there, Debbie - hold on tight !

Leena on Macro
Dear Debbie, I hope you and yours are well as your home! I saw from the news your earthquake, I am there in my thoughts.

k@ on Macro
Hope you're okay, Jamesy, i heard about the earthquake and was thinking of those in Christchurch... My best ...

Leena on Macro
Lovely blue and I suppose, it is some species of Veronica ( perhaps Veronica officinalis (Heath Speedwell, Common ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Macro
Agree with you on how well 'little' cameras can grab these shots - this is so sweet.

Susan on Macro
Gorgeous !

willow on Macro
A beauty! Love the colors and soft background.

slayne on Macro
very nice

Phil Morris on Macro
I wish I could take nature shots but am not great at it. This, I really like the total effect.

Graham Russon on Macro
Stunning colours

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Macro
Nice colours and aoverall good job.I´ve just bought a little compact to take with me to Football games,I hope it ...

DowsherVision on Macro
Very well done !!!

Calusarus on Macro
This electric blue is nice

john4jack on Macro
Exquisite! Gorgeous!

JJ on Macro
Such beautiful smooth blues on it whatever it is called

kiwisa on Macro
It is a pretty blue. Enjoy your weekend.

Lorraine on Macro
It's beautiful debbie I love the colour .....

Loner on Macro
Very nice colors !

✿ Anina ✿ on Macro
This is beautiful. I love the colours.

Dimitrios, Welcome AM3 on Macro
D likes the BLUES!

jamesy on Macro
thanks Alun you too

Alun on Macro
Lovely flower, have a good weekend

SOUL AFLAME on on left over sunrise
Love that delicious sky. The colours are amazing.

Susan on on left over sunrise
Beautiful colors in this one Deb !!!

JJ on on left over sunrise
Would be hard pressed to select a favorite out of this series there all pretty amazing

Loner on on left over sunrise
Yes, this is sure a favorit - very well done !

DowsherVision on on left over sunrise
Great shot, very well done.

k@ on on left over sunrise
A very caressing palette of colors & light, super soothing image, we feel silent & peaceful - thank you*

kiwisa on on left over sunrise
Oh my word - this is pretty awesome - the colours are fantastic.

Dutçh on on left over sunrise
Beautiful colors!

john4jack on on left over sunrise
Marvelous! I certainly is one of the best!!

john4jack on around Christchurch Hospital II
Absolutely gorgeous!!

Anthony Morgan Lambert on on left over sunrise
A good skyline and nice colours.

Lorraine on on left over sunrise
brain said sunset, fingers typed sunrise.....

Lorraine on on left over sunrise
and all is beautiful, with this lovely lovely sunrise and the are all safe ;)

Leena on on left over sunrise
I think, this one should be seen in person, it have been a beautiful scene indeed, the photo is fantastic too!

DowsherVision on on left over sunrise
Nice shot !!!

Alun on on left over sunrise
such lovely colours

✿ Anina ✿ on around Christchurch Hospital II
Oh wow! This is beautiful. Lovely colours and reflections in the water. That place must be the best medication to the ...

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